ECU Performance Flashing (Includes Free App)


If you drive the ultimate driving machine, you need to have ultimate driving performance. From sporty engine flashing to track only performance, our team has your vehicles needs covered from start to finish line.

Our service will provide you with:

  • Mobile app for on the go adjustment 
  • Data logging of more than 200 diagnostic channels, up to 40 channels at the same time
  • Sharing data records and creating charts without the need to upload them to third-party websites or applications through the mobile application or web browser.
  • Cloud-based storage for map data and data logs
  • Full ability to revert to original performance map
  • Live Dash: monitoring of vehicle parameters in real time through in-app indicators
  • Read and erase trouble codes on all vehicle modules
  • Reset learned adaptations (octane, hit, Valvetronic, etc.)
  • (Optional) Custom fit for non-standard vehicle hardware and alternative fuels such as E85 and race gasoline

Some of the map features provided:

  • Elimination of the maximum speed limiter
  • Higher rev limiter
  • Removed cold start catback warm-up cycle and catback efficiency check (for off-road use)
  • Updated turbos maps
  • E85 / mix, meth injection tuning and race gas
  • Custom throttle mapping
  • Flash backend maps for use with vehicles equipped with JB4


What is an ECU? 

The ECU (Engine Control Unit) is an electronic controls systems that regulates how your engine components work. It works by monitoring and adjusting your air, fuel, combustions, engine RPM’s, temperature and other similar elements. Most cars come with a very mild or bland form of ECU tuning that results in sub-optimal performance.

What our team will do for you

Our team will screen and choose the right ECU Flash and Tuning for your car based on your current set up. Two identical cars are similar when stock, but once modified, they will require customized mapping to make the best use of the factory and upgraded parts. We will install the required programming on your car and then carefully improve your vehicles performance to obtain its maximum potential through customized mapping of your ECU parameters. 

How safe is flashing my car?

Very safe, our team only uses tuning parameters that have been tested on vehicles similar to yours in order to ensure the safe operation of your vehicles. We use math and a little bit of science to determine engine component limits and remain well below them when tuning your car. The results are improved performance without sacrificing reliability.

What if I don’t want to have a sporty flashed car all the time?

We get it, that why our installed products have the option to activate and deactivate your ECU flashing with the touch of a button or your cellphone instantly. You can even deactivate it when leaving home and reactivate it once you hit the open road. That easy. 

What are the expected gains?

We usually aim to increase no less than 15-20% initial HP gains. There are also other benefits that you will see such as increased throttle response, speed limiter removal, slightly higher rev limits, better warm up / cold start processes. Change to fuel consumption is also minimal or none at all on less aggressive / stock tunes.  

How easy is it to manage my ECU Flash?

Very easy. So easy in fact you can do it from your steering wheel or your phone. We can set multiple configurations from not too loud or sporty, to heavily spirited so you can enjoy your ride in every way you can think of. 

What if I install new mods?

You can update your ECU to account for this mods and buy new stock maps or have a member of our team customize your mapping at a very small price.

Risk Disclosure 

We strive to provide the safest, best tested system in the world. Your car must be absolutely maintained to schedule according to manufacturers recommendations previous to this service. Tuning carries inherent risk, which systems manufacturer have reduced, to minimize this as much as possible. In the event of any damage to engine or any of car components , as your car tuner or installer, we will advise you in the process of troubleshooting and remediating any issues, however; MMW Tuning will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur before, during or after the process of engine tuning and by purchasing this system or tuning license, you consent and agree to this terms.

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